Mobile Patrol

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Mobile Patrol

Spears Worldwide provide a mobile patrol service where a uniformed guard will visit your premises a predetermined number of times throughout a night to do external and, if required, internal checks. The times of these visits are usually varied slightly so that there is no set pattern, should anyone be watching the premises.

A report sheet will be completed each night by the guard and a copy given to the client, a check call to the control centre on each visit will also be made. The guard will state if the premises are ok or not, if not we will start the escalation process of notifying the designated person and the guard will stay on site until the client arrives.

This service offers the client a more cost-effective alternative to having a static guard on site, albeit with less protection, but will still act as a deterrent and Spears Worldwide will put security warning signs on the perimeter of the premises . These patrols are also used on vacant properties by landlords, estate agents etc. until they become occupied.

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